Sorcery Soap Dough Moldable Soap Recipe

Moldable Soap Dough Recipe by Sorcery Soap

Please view basic cold process soap making and be proficient in this process BEFORE making the following:

Purchase Pre-Made Soap Dough.

When making soap dough, or moldable soap there is, like all other soaps, a balance of water.

For the first few times using any recipe its a good idea to avoid fragrance oils, just so you know how the base recipe preforms.

For advanced Soap Makers

This recipe is for advanced soap makers only. If you do not know about soap safety, or how to handle lye, please visit SoapQueenTV or any number of soap teachers on youtube. Google is your friend, just ask her and she’ll point you in a direction.

I’m sharing this information, not because I think of myself as a teacher, but to help those who want to expand their soaping repertoire, explore more creative options and those who are inspiring themselves. 

*Critical piece of information: I always soap at room temperatures: 70-85 degree fahrenheit. 

A few things to keep in mind:

  • Always keep the soap covered and sealed from air. Saponification does not need air, but curing does.
  • The amount of water in soap is important. It keeps the soap pliable and soft. This is the water percent I use, however, I live in the desert.
  • Keep the new soap sealed. If you are using a mold after 12-24 hours, unmold and put in a sealed plastic bag.
  • Test your soap by rolling a small ball, examine how it feels. Is it sticky?
  • Use in 3-5 days.
  • Your soap dough should be ideal to use.

I will be posting another “lard free” recipe soon!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

When Working With your Soap Dough

  • When working with soap, use a muslin bag filled with corn starch to keep the soap from sticking to the work surface and itself. Too much corn starch will leave your soaps looking powdery so use with frugal care.
  • Spraying tools with 91% alcohol will keep cutters and plungers from sticking.
  • Spraying with water will make soap dissolve. Remember how soap behaves in the shower?
  • Once removed from the sealed container, soap will begin evaporation and curing.
  • Be patient with yourself, if you want to make embeds by hand, it will take time to learn.

See this video for consistency:


Free Sorcery Soap Dough Recipe



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