A Day In the Life of this Soap Maker

What I do most days:

  1. Make coffee. Drink coffee.
  2. Answer emails.
  3. Answer facebook questions.
  4. Post on facebook with thoughtful descriptions.
  5. Read posts on facebook and look for ways to help.
  6. If I can’t avoid sarcasm, or snarkiness, don’t post.
  7. Delete my snarky posts.
  8. Take photos of new soap – set soap up with correct lighting etc.
  9. Edit photos of new soap.
  10. Share photos of new soap with thoughtful descriptions.
  11. Write blog post(s).
  12. Edit that same blog post by reading it out loud to may patient mate.
  13. Find images for that blog post and publish or schedule to publish.
  14. Research soap recipes.
  15. Create soap recipe.
  16. Make embellishments for new soap.
  17. Make embellishments I’ll never use.
  18. Prepare soap recipe.
  19. While lye/oils cool.
  20. Prepare micas and design elements.
  21. Take dog for walk/hike (1-2 hours).
  22. Prepare meal and eat and wash dishes, clean kitchen.
  23. Wash previous days soap dishes.
  24. Answer more emails and/or questions posted.
  25. Participate in groups.
  26. Search for inspiration if I did not find it on the trail.
  27. Print labels, wrap soap and take photos of soap.
  28. Package free soap cookies.
  29. Package free samples.
  30. Make soap cookies (step one of a multi-step process).
  31. Stare at Pinterest.
  32. Take dog out again.
  33. Fold laundry.
  34. Run vacuum.
  35. More household chores.
  36. Settle in, meditate on new soap. Visualize all elements. Set out all elements.
  37. Photograph soap.
  38. Share soap (some times).
  39. So some thing, anything, else other than look at soaps, watch soap videos, read soap blogs.

What I do when I’m not working:

  1. Drink coffee.
  2. Watch movies.
  3. Walk dog.
  4. Drink more coffee.
  5. Continue watching movies.
  6. Okay, watch soap videos.

To see the results of my days… 


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