A Peek at Sorcery Life June 5-11

A peek into Sorcery Soap works:

June 5 – 11

Making soap in the desert can be tricky, but also work to a soaper’s advantage. Large buckets of oil are easily melted by being left in the sun for only a few hours. Like the winter season in the colder states where the bulk of the day is spent inside, the bulk of the  day is spent inside during the summer months. During this time inside, many soaps are made, molded and dreamed up.

Dragon Silk Sorcery Soap
Dragon Silk Sorcery Soap restocked


Chicken Soap
Chicken Soap got labeled and wrapped up after 8 weeks of curing.


Sorcery Soap Cookies
Prepped some Sorcery Soap cookies for stamping


Sorcery Soap Dragon Silk
Packaged 22 bars of Dragon Silk Soap


Glittered Sorcery Soap Cookies
Glittered Sorcery Soap Cookies


Guinea Pigs Soap
Began more Guinea Pig soaps that are sold out and experimented with a little soap dog.


Sorcery Soap Give Away Grand Prize
Sorcery Soap Give Away Grand Prize


Sorcery Soap Contest
Launched a Sorcery Soap Contest!

All you have to do to win is read here! 

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