Letter On New Grimoire Soap Book

Dear Soap Witch,

I'm writing to you, to let you know what is happening with the Soap Dough Recipe book of Light and Shadow Binder aka Grimoire. 

This binder has been made available as a polished and cultivated version of my personal soap recipe books for a few years. It is generally out of stock. I will offer the reason why, as I abohore excuses, but there are reasons this book is allowed to be out of stock.

The binders are printed by another company based on Sorcery Soap artwork. Once those binders are ordered, the sleeves (clear pages) need to be ordered, along with the binder clips, post-it notes and packing materials. Next the soap samples and soap cookies need to be made and packaged; four soap samples and at least two soap cookies are included in each binder. All this takes much time, as you can understand. Scented soap dough needs to be made, soap cookies created, cured, packaged, along with soap samples... All takes a considerable amount of time.

Once the binders arrive, I'm off to the printer to have at least 3,000 - 5,000 pages printed; all of which have to be fitted into each clear sleeve and placed into the binder. I source and locate the exact paper, so I lug cases of paper to the printer. 

I share this NOT to complain, but as matters of fact. These steps are necessary to produce these binders. Each step is necessary to create the very thing I want others to experience, as close as possible. Magic takes time, but now I'm being obvious.

Lately, I've fallen so desperately behind on all things necessary for me to put my attention to, along with losing deep creative time. I need to prioritize. I cannot continue to create new ideas in soap if I'm over worked with tasks that could be made much more simply. 

So, the redesigning of the binder, The Soap Recipe Book of Light and Shadow. We will be referring to this book from now on as a grimoire, which is a book of spells and incantations. (I'm still working out the newest title.) As you know, the idea of the sorcery process that creates soap (although we can name many chemistry components) is still a bit of a mystery. Part of the mystery being how some soap creations turn our amazing and fantastical and while others turn out less than amazing. All this is the reason for this idea of Sorcery Soap. In part, honoring the magic of creativity and creations, the mystery of it all.

The redesigning of this soap recipe book will not just make things easier for me, but also for you. I'm truly excited about this process and all the creative fairies floating in my peripheral view. I see them in sunbeams and catch glimpses of them skittering around, always saying to them, "I see you". Is that a giggle, I hear? 

More to the point, the books are being recreated with more information, a deeper sense of understanding about soap magic and a multilayered creative. Know that enchanting this new Sorcery Soap book takes time. 

Always in my thoughts, Bee


  • Ally – so glad to hear the excitement!
    Tanya – thank you so much for your continued encouragement and support. I appreciate each of your comments and posts. (More than I can communicate effectively.)
    Lisa – thank you for the awareness. I do think I might need a bit of a cuddle. ;)

    Soa Witch
  • Thanks Bee for the update! Cant wait for the new and improved grimoire.

    Ally Aylott
  • Take care of yourself first Soap Witch, don’t stress to much about us out here, we are all behind you and will wait for as long as it takes, that is my opinion

    Tanya Bonnett
  • Take care of yourself first Soap Witch, don’t stress to much about us out here, we are all behind you and will wait for as long as it takes, that is my opinion

    Tanya Bonnett
  • Please take care of yourself. Without you there is no Sorcery.🧚‍♀️🔮

    Lisa Mills

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