Buy Soap ASAP!

I’m asking sincerely, take advantage of the ridiculously low prices right now for Sorcery Soap™.  “38%sorcerycoupon”  

Sorcery Soap Cookies
Sorcery Soap Cookies


I started packing soap and you know what? Its flippin heavy! You’d do me a great favor, if you were going to buy soap anyway, to buy it now at a huge discount. That is my gift, to help me.

Its true, we’ve decided to move to a bigger place.

Moving means there is a chance of dinging up soaps or… gasp… breakage. My soaps are so protected until I ship, I can’t let that happen… And soap weights… We either sell it BEFORE we move or pay someone else to do it.

So, I’m not asking for you to help us move. Most of you who subscribe don’t live near me, lucky, since its 100 and boo-ya degrees here anyway. Ugh.

We keep more friends if we do it ourselves with a little paid help from those who specialize in moving. It makes a happier move for everyone.

This sale works for everyone. You get soaps you might have been thinking about, and I don’t have to move it and sweat the dings.


I can’t wait for all the new ideas in the new place!


This code is good for 38% off of all soaps (not on soaps already on sale). Everything, even soap dough!

Use this code at check out.

If for whatever reason you have ANY issues, please email me before you purchase. Refunds are an awful pain. “38%sorcerycoupon” 


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