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When I began learning about soap making I watched every YouTube video I could find. I first started with Soap Queen TV and loved finding Anne-Marie’s bloopers at the end of the video, not to mention being taught so much along the way. I was inthralled with watching people make soap. My mate laughed at my delight at such an odd thing, watching soap making.

Gnomes Sorcery Soaps
Gnomes Sorcery Soaps

Eventually, I stumbled upon a happy and delightful soap maker who laughed while she made soap, made huge bars and used words I had only thought (while cooking) like, “scrapey, scrapey”.

I quietly followed her soap works for a few years and had begun making my own soaps by then. One day, (does this sound like a fairy tale?) she announced she was getting married and had a woodland theme. I had been making soaps that would suit that theme exactly; gnomes, leaves, mushrooms, bunnies, snails…  a host of unusual hand molded and painted soaps.

It seemed like a perfect fit, soap gifts gifted by another soap maker at a soap maker’s wedding. Before I could doubt myself I decided to support her happy event (as she’d already given me so much happiness) by offering my soaps for her event. Now, so you know, I had not contacted her prior to this, we were not friends and I had no idea if she’d accept my odd little soaps. My unusual little soaps were getting some attention by then but mostly I was working not to share but to delight myself. I set my intention, crafted my email and took a deep breath and hit “send”. While I waited on her reply I had many thoughts like: what if she accepts them and but doesn’t like my creations? What if she doesn’t answer me? What if…

While I worked out my shadow-doubts and pushed all that aside I got busy doing other things and set my mind on the idea that I enjoy the idea of giving her these soaps so no matter how it all goes I’ll accept the outcome.

Not long after I sent the email, I received an email from her. She was thrilled! After all, she had to trust me to give me her address. I quickly packaged up all these little things I’d been crafting with no idea what to do with them and sent them off.

Katie's Wedding Gifts
Katie’s Wedding Gifts

Now, I felt like there had been a plan all along. I was just following my intuition. I had been so intent on creating each one of these items, without any ideas how to use them, but done it anyway. Had I not created them months before they would not have cured, been painted and ready for her wedding.

After some years of emails, comments and support back and forth I had the idea to collaborate. I’ve been asked before to do this without any attraction, but for some reason she was in my mind this day and so I proposed the idea to her. As you might have guessed already, its Katie Carson from Royalty Soaps. This collaboration has been so fun on many levels. The secret keeping, the exchange of ideas and the magic that floated around in my soapery while I made each little magnifying glass, pipe and book. I’d had made books before but not a magnifying glass with melt and pour glass or a pipe with details.

To watch Katie’s video this morning was enchanting for me on an entirely different level. Here was a young woman I admired, not ever met in person or talked with, and we created something together. I invite you to watch her video and see for yourself. 

Who do you admire in the soap making world? Leave a comment and let us know.

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