I’m writing this because I don’t know what else to do. I’ve been doing all I can.

I have felt this way about my soap business, and a few other things, that I’ve been doing all I can, but it didn’t seem good-enough.

Most recently, yesterday, there was a crisis in my family. A member of my family has had a health issue, a dramatic health issue. The details are less important, for this post, but it put my mind in a place of questioning my life.

I asked myself, “am I doing what I want to do with my life?” My resounding answer is ,”YES”. And then, I reflect on my goofy little soaps. Will they change the world. LOL probably not, says my over/under inflated ego. (Of course, I tell it to shut up, at this point.)

Yet, these little innocuous soaps bring me so much joy, and from what others tell me they bring joy to others too.

A friend who knows me for many years said, she can see all aspects of my creativity, and how my soap making makes sense to her. She looks at my soaps and says, “Only Bhakti would think that up.” That makes me smile inside, so big and my heart so large I want to cry.

So, thank you to each one who has purchased soap, repinned, liked or commented on my little art. You, truly and sincerely, have kept me going when I’ve become a little lost.

It doesn’t seem like much, but soap has helped my heart grow, my creative soul emerge and kept me on an adventurous path, only I can see. Soap, in its small way, has made a large impact on me, by restoring some faith in the life-process, and helped me to believe that if I listen to my soul’s urging, things will work out. Things are working out.

Its all good enough, right now, this moment.


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