Fall Soaps

Fall Soaps

Been getting ready for the holidays: Autumn, Halloween, Winter, Christmas… All the high holidays and seasons. First release are these Fall Soaps.

If you’ve been reading my blog posts you’ll know that cold process needs 4-6 weeks to cure, to accurately weight the soap and create a solid, hard bar of lasting soap. So, I started making holiday soaps about a month ago. These are ready to appear on your counters,  in your baskets (Halloween gifts) and in your baths!

Ever wonder what else you can give at the the holidays besides sweets? What about a very unique soap?

The scents are Poison Pie with Honey, Blue Spruce, Witches Brew and Apple Blossom. (Keep reading to find out how Apple Blossom fits into Halloween.) 

These may not sound like traditional scents for the holidays, yet, I married them with designs that might appeal to your sense of adventure, whimsy and creativity.

Black Bird Poison Pie with Honey

Black Bird Poison Pie with Honey crust is all of it! The hand molded crust is scented with honey fragrance oil. The chocolate part of this soap is scented with a magical fruit scent that is a little heady, yet, creates a swirling combination of scents to open the door for all types of Halloween Sorcery. Each part of these soaps are hand mold, from the ravens, strawberries, blueberries to the crust cross hatching on top… And even the edges of the pie crust. (The raspberries are melt and pour). I purposely made these to look like they came out of the Wicked Witches hut, from Hansel and Gretel tales. These little pies are anything but poisonous!


Blue Spruce

This blue spruce fragrance oil is so true to its name there isn’t a lick of internal arguing. A quick sniff tells exactly what it is: a woodsy clear forest of blue spruce trees appears in your mind’s eye. Why, then, did I decorate it with vines, leaves and pumpkins? Because I wanted the woodsy country side to stand up and greet you. I wanted the interior swirled colors to remind you of the distinction of Autumn and the intrigue of the pumpkins in the field. I hope this did the trick.

Witches Brew

There are two types of soaps scented with Witches Brew. The first, purple oval bars, scented with Witches Brew, has all the things one might think of for a witch on Halloween: an owl, ghost, snail, snake and frog along with a jack-o-lantern on each. Each bar is different and unique.


There are two extra bars that have a more cosmopolitan flavor and have a raven and a book of shadows on top, even down to the moon phases on both books.

Wizard’s Apothecary

The second soap scented with Witches Brew, which is called, Wizard’s Apothecary is slightly different in design. Each creepy green rectangular bar has a wizard’s hat with stars and moons, a skull, a bottle of magical potion with a little skull face on it to indicate it might not be exactly favorable to drink, and topped with darker distinct stars.

The spicy notes of this slightly spicy fragrance oil has hints of licorice and rich patchouli (maybe a hint of sandalwood) which makes for a mysterious, yet familiar and compelling scent.

Don’t Forget!

Sleeping Beauty 

This soap is created to conjure the Wicked Witch who gave sleeping beauty the poison apple, but this soap won’t put you to sleep. Its a bright apple blossom fragrance that is true and comforting at the same time. It just floral enough without being over powering, and still reminiscent of apple blossoms. Product page here! 

Why not celebrate the changes of seasons in a new way? Would you enjoy receiving a little unique bar of soap this year?

Happy Holidays! 


(Soap Witch)

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