Give Back Contest and Coupon!

After so much outstanding support from Soap Witches and Soap Sisters, Sorcery Soap is giving back to you!

Win $100 worth of Sorcery Products!

Sorcery Soap Contest Aprons

  • Your choice of one heavy duty 100% cotton Sorcery Soaping Apron:  Soap Sister or Soap Witch Apron 
  • 6 bars of custom Sorcery Soap: Horse Apples, Seahorse, Dragonlings, Bewitched, Rosebud and Forbidden Fruit 
  • 5 Sorcery Soap Cookies, stamped and glittered - 
  • 6 Unique Sorcery Soap Sample Scents 
  • 14 sets - A Sorcery Soap Molding Kit: 
    1. rolling pin,
    2. smoother
    3. large hand tools,
    4. small hand tools,
    5. butterfly plunger set,
    6. large blossom plunger set,
    7. small blossom plunger set,
    8. tribal plunger set,
    9. star plunger set,
    10. small flower set,
    11. flower cookie cutter set,
    12. star/leaf cookie cutter set,
    13. snowflake cookie cutter and
    14. leaf fondant plunger set.

How it works to win $100 value of Sorcery Products


Make a purchase in the time frame from June 9 - July 2, 2017. Do what you do, buy any Sorcery Soap product and you'll be entered in the Sorcery Contest! That's it. Super simple.

Anyone who has made a purchase in the time period will have their name entered into the contest.

Entries: For every $10 you spend, your name will be entered once. Example: if you spend $50 before shipping your name will be entered 5 times. 

I would love it if you liked this post, or shared it, but I'm not asking for you to do more than what you normally do which is purchase Sorcery Soap and continue your enthusiasm toward Soap Wicthery and Sisterhood!

As an incentive here is your coupon for 15% off  your order so you win before the drawing. Use "GiveBack15" at check out. 

Sorcery Soap Contest Drawing date: June 9 - July 2, 2017.

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