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Generating Attention

If you’re like me the idea of marketing your soap seems daunting.

What Do You Want?

I don’t know what you want, but I do know what I want: I want to speak with or connect with people who are interested in my passion. I am much more interested in what makes people get out of bed in the morning than what they don’t want. I’m interested in inspiring others as well as being inspired. I’m interested in walking right up to the end of my knowledge and growing past that line.

How does this relate to soap marketing?

This is exactly what to share. People are much more interested in passion, even if they aren’t interested in soap.

How to Connect

Cast a large net with tags, hashtags and links to a specific idea of who you want your people to be. Utilize Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook groups, Tsu, and Reddit. Do you want people like yourself? Interested in your type of soap? Or do you want to reach people who don’t know about how great your soap is?

Put your art-crafts out and about just incase someone wants to engage with you about your joy. Then, find ways to engage with them!

Who do you want to connect with?


When an item is put up on Etsy, for example, that is only the first step. The question now is how to get your soaps in front of those who would want them? How do you generate attention to your shop?

I did a search on the best producing Etsy stores and did you know that 300k people know of  some of these stores?

Lets say just one store – At least that many people, but thats how many have purchased over a few years at just one store. Take this information with a grain of salt. 300k x $5 (average sale for this exercise) is $1.5 million. Now, I’ve never heard of these stores. Not one. And yet, they have sold, some, 300k sales. That’s not items, but sales. That’s not just one item, but sales, so I’m probably estimating low.

I connected with them because of something I love. Not because they were in front of me, or because they bombarded me with ads and emails. I happen to find them because I sought them out and they made themselves available on the internet.

If You Think Its Difficult, It IS

Don’t ever doubt you can sell your soap, no matter what it looks like or smells like. At least it can be used, unlike some items. If this company who is selling bull-shit in a box sold 30,000 of these items at $6 each that’s $180,000. You CAN sell your soap! After all, you aren’t selling cards against humanity poop soap!


With this information in hand, how will you get your soaps and sundries in front of those who will love them?

Who WANTS Your Soap?

First, figure out who wants your items. This is a general idea, just list the type of person (specifically a person, not people, to conjure an idea) who would buy your products? Keep the idea of that person in mind while you post. (Post to them, for awhile, until you get the hang of it.) Then, put up images that would attract that person. Images of your soap, images of other soaps, whatever would get their attention.

The other issue, as I see it, is to do this authentically, not like a pain in the butt or car sales person. That is disharmonious. You know when you feel connected to someone. Everyone wants to feel as if they matter. No one likes feeling like a Wal-mart shopper, or just a number.


Put things up that matter – matter to you and that might matter to someone else. Creating a core group of people who believe in you, (Tim Ferris promoted this idea in one of his books) like your work and support you is more important than (metaphorically) standing on the street corner with a bull horn. So, in conclusion, when putting a new store up, make sure people you know, know where to buy your art-work. Consciously connect. Connect with others how you’d like to be connected with.

If They Say They Know… RUN!

No one has figured out a sure-fire way to attract attention on the internet. Internet marketing has only been around a few 20 years. Even those who are successful will (some times) admit its trial and error. Try things and don’t be afraid to error. Nothing will break. There are many free ways of advertising, just like in person, it costs you nothing to spend a little time telling someone of your passion and joy, that is, if they are interested. Finding those who are or might be interested is the trick. And don’t fool yourself, its all trickery, or in this case, Sorcery!

I hope this helps adjust your mind to a new way of connection. Here’s to building a loyal group of people who support you with encouragement, admiration for your skills and patronage!


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