New Things from Sorcery Soap™

So many new things happening at Sorcery Soap!

If you haven’t heard, An Enchanted Book of Peculiar Ideas and Soap Potions has been released and is now available for immediate download. If you have been curious about soap dough, what I do or want to make soap dough yourself, this is your book.

This book isn’t just about soap dough, it will help you find  your own inspiration and uniquely creative voice; techniques included  showing you how to keep that inspiration. So, even if you have no desirer to make soap dough there is a ton of value here.

Sorcery Soap now has its own line of crafty aprons! We are offering two different styles, as I have found having a white and a dark apron helpful. Both are available in black and white. Here is what mine looks like: Sorcery Soap Apron

Sorcery Soap Sorcery Products Aproncauldron_bubble_apron_apron



A new Sorcery book is in the making! Some of the sections:

  1. Large recipe book with soap recipes, a variety of water discounts and basic ingredients. All of which have been tried and true soap recipes. (You’ve seen many photos of these soaps.)
  2. A section with a variety of exotic oils and how they work.
  3. Soap charts and worksheets to keep you organized.
  4. Printed cards to keep your soaps labeled as they cure and connected to the correct recipe,
  5. And a process to make this your personal Soap Book of Light and Shadow. 

Even if you are a long-time soaper this book will help you stay organized and clear with your soap making process.

I am now on my fifth Soap book of recipes. I out grow them ever so often, but my little soap library of recipes has grown and I want to share it with you.


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