Simple Soap Recipe

Simple Soap Recipe

Soaping Secrets

So many new soapers ask for an “easy” recipe. Here it is!

This is a great practice go-to recipe. Use this to grow your own recipes. Recipes, other than customer lists, are your business (if you choose to have one). Tried and true recipes are so guarded because it takes many, many batches to work out the kinks. This is the gold of your business or soap craft.

Step #1

Read, and watch videos. There are many Master Soapers out there that will walk you through the step-by-step process of safety and equipment necessary for beginners. I’m going to skip all that, and highly suggest you cultivate your inner researcher. Any good alchemist is a researcher at heart. And this is what you will become during your adventure of seeking the Sorcerer’s Soap Stone, an alchemist. Or, you can hope.

Step #2

Never, ever, ask someone for their recipe. This is just bad form. If someone offers you a recipe, take it with grace. Grace and dignity will get you through this level of initiation. Without it you will not pass on to the deeper levels of wisdom. (This applies to all initiations, and do not for one second, think this is anything other than an initiation. The craft of soaping will test you and your ability to adapt.)

Step #3

Know that your experience is YOUR process. No one will make the same recipe exactly like you do. This is the great secret for dispelling competition. Competition is an illusion. You will now express yourself through the craft of soap, like only you can. Allow your unique voice to come through your personal alchemical practice. Create with honor and integrity. The product of your alchemy will be on someone’s body, some day. Create with great care.

Why these oils?

Each of these oils are easy and inexpensive (relatively) to get. You can purchase all of these oils today, right now, at your local grocery. The sodium hydroxide (lye) can be purchased at your local Ace Hardware, for your practice soap. You might have to ask the clerks at Ace for Roto because they don’t always keep it on the shelf. Some people do nefarious things with sodium hydroxide.

You’ll also need filtered water. This is not absolutely necessary, you can use tap water, but there are minerals that interact with the water that cause different reactions. To avoid the panicked posts like, “what is floating on the top of my lye water!” its a good idea to pick up a .87 cent gallon of filtered water.  Don’t worry about the water, just get filter, distilled or any other kind of purified water.

Another note, this is all just to get your feet wet, to get you moving in the direction of making soap. If you are skilled or attracted to this art-craft you’ll figure it out. For now, trust the process.

I’d like to point something out. This part of the soap calculator. This is an important aspect. It tells you much about the anticipated soap. The higher the cleansing, the lower the conditioning, generally. Just keep an eye on it for now. You’ll learn more about this in the future. Make soap, read your notes and test your soap. I’ll write more about this later, but for now, put on your apron and get in your soaping lab (or kitchen).

Soap Bar Quality Range Your Recipe
Hardness 29 – 54 48
Cleansing 12 – 22 21
Conditioning 44 – 69 45
Bubbly 14 – 46 21
Creamy 16 – 48 27
Iodine 41 – 70 58
INS 136 – 165 159


Print this recipe to add to your own soap recipe book. You’ll look back on this soap and remember where you began when you’re adding butters, exotic oils and clever fragrances in the future.

Take the percentages 40/30/20% and put them into the SoapCalc.

Simple Starting Soap
Recipe Type: L, CC, Soy
Cuisine: Soap
Author: Soap Witch
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
Serves: 1 pound
Simple beginner soap recipe.
  • Lard – 50%
  • Coconut Oil – 30%
  • Soybean Oil – 20%
  1. Read safety handling Lye (sodium hydroxide). Wear gloves and other safety gear necessary.
  2. Mix Lye and water. Always add NOAH (Lye) to Water, never the other way around.
  3. Allow lye/water to cool.
  4. Mix oils.
  5. When lye/water and oils are under 110 degrees and within 10 degrees (F) of each other add lye/water to oils.
  6. Hand stir or use a stick mixer to trace.
  7. Add desired and weighted fragrance oil.
  8. Hand mix or stick blend.
  9. Add skin safe colorants.
  10. Pour into your mold.
  11. Tap to remove air bubbles.
  12. Either chill in freezer for 30-60 min or cover and insulate over night.
  13. Unmold 12-24 hours later.
  14. Have fun!


This soap was made with the same recipe. Princess Soap scented with Love Spell!

princess soap

This is what your simple soap recipe will look like:

simple soap

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