Sorcery Soap Dough is now Available!

Have you wanted to mold soap?

Its made it for you using Sorcery Soap’s favorite recipe!

Read more about Sorcery Soap Dough here! 

All made easy in this Sorcery Soap™ and Sorcery Products™ Dough Kit

If you are just starting or have been molding cold process soap for awhile, this kit will come in handy – its always a good idea to have more than one plunger at hand when molding different colors and this kit has many sets, shapes and sizes.

What is Soap Dough?

  • Soap dough is pliable, moldable cold process soap that HAS fully saponified. (See: Saponification)
  • Soap Dough no longer has active lye, and safe to touch.
  • Soap dough is cold process soap that has NOT be cured.

Keeping Your Soap Dough Pliable

  • To maintain the pliable nature of your soap dough, always keep it sealed and avoid air contact.
  • Once Soap Dough has been exposed to the air it will begin to cure, or evaporate water, and harden.

This kit is intended to support your start to making enchanted, unique flower, stars, blossoms and leaves… all made in cold process soap.

Get started! Sorcery Soap™ and Sorcery Products™ Dough Kit here! 

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