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Learning from soap seems to be never ending. 

When I make soap to mold with fragrance oils, I can see how the fragrance oil reacts to my recipe. Some times it appears more transparent, stickier or has an odd consistency.

Some soap is ultra smooth, and those, generally, do not have fragrance in them. Do not misunderstand, this is not desire to discount fragrance oils. Of all people, I’m not that woman. I love fragrance oils.

Sorcery Soap Apron and Soap Dough

To be clear, I am saying that I can see more deeply how the fragrance oils behave when squishing, mashing, and squeezing soap through my fingers, inasmuch as a baker can feel her bread dough. Some molding soaps have more resiliency or can be stretched and pulled, just like dough, where as others, it is simply too sticky to preform in the same way.

I see more about each batch by examining the soap in this way, than I did by just making bars and using them.

What I’m looking for: 

I want to see a dough that is pliable, and doesn’t cause cracks. A soap dough that is wet enough to mush and mash, but not so much so that I have to use a lot of corn starch to avoid sticking. Too much corn starch can cause white spots of pocket corn starch.

See this video for more help:

Most of my molding soap no longer has scent added to it and each batch it better than the last.

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