Support Sorcery Products – Easy!

Support Sorcery Products – Easy Peasy!

We can keep importing products for you and stay in business with one easy action on your part…

Leave feedback or a review on Amazon after purchase.

That’s it. 

If you were going to order fondant tools anyway, please, order through our Sorcery Products™ Store at Amazon and leave feedback or a review.

Your efforts, this seemingly simple action, means a lot to Amazon, our placement and how many others get to see our products. The more others see and purchase our products, the better chance we have of staying in business.

Staying In Business

We feel our integrity in our importing research, our quality control, our fast shipping time and conscientiousness to you, each customer, has value. This value and integrity is needed in our world of business.

After having just purchased from around the world and the products were not delivered, contacting the merchant without resolution, I say, we need more people in our business model that are good for their word. We need more merchants who want you to have their merchandise, as much as they want to make money.

Sincerely and deeply, THANK YOU for your support! We cannot do what we do, without you.

Star Heart Sorcery Soap Cookie
Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


Amazon Store – Sorcery Products:


60 piece FULL set (15 sets / 2 sets of hand sculpting tools).

Sorcery Products 60 Piece Fondant Set
Sorcery Products 60 Piece Fondant Set
What makes this fondant set different is that included are two sets of hand sculpting tools along with the small heart, star and flower plungers, (many use) which are not in all kits.
We felt this was the best grouping of tools to start with in your journey of molding soap or fondant.


Sorcery Products Store Link

29 piece Fondant Set

31 piece Fondant Set

Heart Plunger Fondant Set
Heart Plunger Fondant Set

Set 3 Heart Plungers

Set 3 STAR Plungers

Set 4 FLOWER plunger

Large Blossom Fondant Plunger Set
Large Blossom Fondant Plunger Set

Set 3 Large BLOSSOM plunger


Cake Pastry Rolling Pin

Cake Pastry Rolling Pin
Sorcery Products Rolling Pin

Cake Smoother

14 – 5″ Detail Sculpting Tools

Set 3 BUTTERYFLY Plungers

Set 3 LEAF plunger


Set 3 STAR Cookie Cutter

Set 4 SMALL Blossom Flower Plunger

Set 8 – 6.5″ Sculpting Tools

Set 3 TRIBAL FLOWER plunger

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