Sweet Pea Bunny Soap and News

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Thought I’d catch you up on what’s going on in this soapery.

Sweet Pea Bunnies Soap
Sweet Pea Bunnies Soap

Made a few bunnies for this Sweet Pea fragranced soap. This Sweet Pea fragrance oil from Fillmore Container, although lovely, needs to be treated with care as it accelerates so fast you could have soap on a stick blender. I forgot and used my stick blender.. Yes, indeed I did and was swiftly reminded. Thank goodness I chose a solid, one color, soap base.

Each little bunny has been hand crafted by Sorcery Soap Dough. You’ll be happy to know more Sorcery Soap Dough has been made and will be available in a few days: White, Yellow, Orange and Brown; next colors, Purple, Bright Pink, and Green.

Between keeping up on soap preparation for next months big soap release, soap photography, Soap Interviews, posting, keeping up on Sorcery Creations group and a million other things. Take a peek at the newest soaps when you get a chance.

Writing the next Master Soap Dough and Molding Book is moving along fine. Some of the topics that will be covered in the next Soap Dough and Molding book are:

  • Soap Dough insights
  • Soap Dough History
  • Recipes
  • Shapes
  • Soap Cookies
  • Stencils Soap
  • Stamped Soap
  • Glittered Soap
  • Sample Soap
  • Fondant Tool Use
  • Tips and Tricks

If you need help with Soap Dough making and insights, see the books already available. Soap Dough Books. 

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