Weekend Sorcery Discount!

Because I want you to have it, if you want it, Sorcery soap, books, soap dough… Starting now until midnight Sunday. All 20% off!  Soaps Books Soap Dough Use “EVERYONE20” at check out.

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Store Wide Discount

Store Wide Discount  For all those who’ve been following the crafting adventures of Sorcery Soap you know I make some rather odd soaps. With making things that are unusual there is very little way to compare Sorcery Soap prices to other soap prices. Although all Sorcery Soaps are made with exceptional oils and butters, along […]

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Follow Your Own Artistic Path

Follow Your Own Artistic Path True Story I had an idea that involved a pie shape, but  didn’t want to commit to an easily found silicone pie mold and wasn’t sure I’d like making pie shaped soaps. Being a person who loves using tools I have around the house, I avoid buying everything unnecessary. I also […]

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