Fragrance Oil Talk

Let’s talk about fragrance oils. For many soap makers scenting soap is a the holy grail. Along the way toward that holy grail, there are lots of tricky business. There are so many companies that sell fragrance oils for soap making. Bramble Berry, Nurture Soap Supply, Nature’s Garden, Candle Science, Fillmore Container (True Scents), Aztec International, […]

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TruScent Love Spell

Fillmore TruScent Love Spell I have not had a lot of experience with many Love Spell’s,  just Wholesale Supplies Plus. I had to learn to like it, but once I adjusted to it, I love it! This isn’t a full fragrance oil review, just some feedback and comments on my personal results. I added one […]

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Fillmore Container TruScent Lilac

Fillmore Container TruScent Lilac I found Fillmore Container TruScent from a soaping group. This company’s scents came recommended by  Karen Tallent Dietrich. I’m truly grateful for that suggestion!  I order 1 oz bottle of this fragrance oil and then test them in a tried and true recipe. The first was Lilac. I love lilacs yet am […]

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