Feedback for Artists

Feedback for Artists One of the most valuable things you, as a patron, can give an artist isn’t just your money, but your thoughts how you experience the artist’s work. For me, its a fine line, a dance of taking in thoughtful feedback and not letting it sway my creativity, all the while staying open […]

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Make Soap Samples

Make Soap Samples  How to get your samples to your customers? If you’re like me, as a soap maker, you create your own soap scents. No matter how well I describe what I think a Dragon smells like, its still a bit elusive. The same with Love Spelled (my version), Leather (in soap), Forest, Sweet […]

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I am Not a Corporation

I am not a corporation, a production line or a one person factory. I may never make any one of my soaps again. I make what interests me. I make what inspires me.  Like a great meal, the experience of my soap might be equally as temporary in duration. Unlike a great meal soap won’t increase your waistline, […]

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Soap Ideas

Soap Ideas That Don’t Work Do you ever get an idea for a soap and have a hard time making it happen? I’m inspired regularly by the great soapers on the internet. I find fabulously created soap creations that look like cupcakes, pies and decadent desserts on Pinterest. I’m excited to see the detailed designs […]

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Game of Thrones Fan Makes Soap

Game of Thrones Fan Makes Soap Dragon Silk Soap   The story line for Game of Thrones, HBO show, is woven so intricately I’ve watched the entire 4 seasons three times. I’ve listened to all audio books, and began reading the books. Each character, even those easily dislikable, are interesting. The stories are complex and nuanced, […]

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Golf Soap

Golf Soap I’m striving to make something for men. I did not put glitter on this one, so it MUST be for men, right? This is made with coconut oil, lard and soybean oil, the bottom is vanilla and coffee. This soap smells like fresh grass. Love it! I will buy this fragrance oil again, […]

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