Sorcery Happenings

Much has happened this last week, as much happens so regularly I forget to bring it to the foreground. I will make a greater effort to do this in our upcoming year. I am also working on new videos to show you how each of the Sorcery creations is made. Check out the videos collection […]

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Why Buy Authentically Handmade?

Why Buy Handmade? As I stood at my workbench this morning making little toadstools I pondered why I buy handmade products… I like being seen as a person, not being tossed into the sea of humanity and counted as a number, as insignificant. I like it when people recognize me, as me. Not because I […]

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Packaging That Matters

Packaging That Matters How important is packaging to you? I purchased two bars of cold process soap from a soap maker I did not know. The packaging was acceptable. The bars showed up undamaged, but some how I was disappointed. I examined the evidence. The soaps did their job in the shower, yet I was not impressed. Why? […]

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