Sorcery Soaps Release

Sorcery Soaps Release

Sorcery Soap Release has many surprises. Before I get to the soaps, if you are a follower of Instagram and post your soap dough creations on there ...

November Soap Release

The following are available today! Soap Dough colors: Orange Yellow  Blue Black  White  Gold Red Pink Green Brown   Sorcery Soaps November Release Fairy Baby – Scent: Apple and Clover Funny Ocean – Scent: Energy Novel Soap – Scent Free The Realm – Scent: Haunted Forest, Sorcery Soap Blend Sort of Hats – Scent: Moonstone Friendship Soap – […]

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November Soap Release Date

So many soaps… Been a bit busy catching up from our move. Many settling-in interruptions and despite all that managed to make a few soaps. Here is the list of soaps to be available on Friday, November 10, 2017. Fairy Baby – Scent: Apple and Clover Funny Ocean – Scent: Energy Novel Soap – Scent: […]

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