Resilient Soapers

I Find Soapers To Be… I’ve had conversations with soapers, suppliers and soaping entrepreneurs from all over the country. I find soapers to be from all walks of life. I’ve met women who are single, married, divorced, home schooling their children and need, not just a job, but a way of life. These women created […]

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Ashamed To Say

I’m slightly ashamed to say, but when it comes to my artwork I am not a great capitalist. I don’t follow the “rules” and do not follow others. I can create many things, however, making those things into a salable item goes against my creative inclinations. When I say “salable” I mean like others; others […]

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Soap My Own Path

Soap My Own Path

Soap My Own Path  There is more than one way to soap, there is more than one way to create a soap business. I have tossed out every idea of supposed-to’s and should’s for my little soap works. I’ve read many blog posts thick with words of advice on how to run a business that makes soap. […]

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Make Soap Samples

Make Soap Samples  How to get your samples to your customers? If you’re like me, as a soap maker, you create your own soap scents. No matter how well I describe what I think a Dragon smells like, its still a bit elusive. The same with Love Spelled (my version), Leather (in soap), Forest, Sweet […]

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I am Not a Corporation

I am not a corporation, a production line or a one person factory. I may never make any one of my soaps again. I make what interests me. I make what inspires me.  Like a great meal, the experience of my soap might be equally as temporary in duration. Unlike a great meal soap won’t increase your waistline, […]

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Forward Motion in Soap Business

How to maintain forward motion with your soap business.  Forward Motion for a Slow Season When your arts and crafts show sales are off, orders are not coming in as expected and your soaps are stacking up EVERYWHERE, where do you find inspiration to keep going? I see starting, or keeping a business running, like […]

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Inspired Soap

Inspired Soap Yesterday it rained here. I had a soap that wouldn’t cure enough to touch, although I did unmold it. Mistake. It was disappointing. I changed directions. I worked on my labels, read blogs and participated in soaping groups. Along my internet travels I discovered inspiration. I read a blog about defining your style. […]

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Soap Business

Do you believe you can have a soap business?  If so, do you believe you have to do it the way its been done? Or can you build a life with soaping you can live? I’m exploring this idea of a soap business. Soaping is a hobby for me, now. One that I love. I’ve had […]

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