Make Soap Sheep

These little soap sheep have only two colors of cold process soap, black and white. This little sheep was based on “Shaun the Sheep,” which can be found on Youtube. If you need tool take a look here: Tools For a little, simple recipe, that I find cures very smooth: Soap Recipe  

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Make Your Own Embeds

Make Your Own Embeds It is necessary to run risks. We only properly understand the miracle of life when we allow the unexpected to happen. ~ Paulo Coelho “Life: Selected Quotations” If you want to break out of molds, try your hand (pun intended) at hand molding! There are many molds on the market for […]

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Soap Molding

First published October 1, 2015 at Lovin’ Soap Studio Soap Molding  by Bhakti “Bee” Iyata, Head Soap Witch at Sorcery Soap  If you’ve been bitten by the soaping bug, and soap has saturated your life, you eat, breath and dream soap making, then soap molding might be for you! There is something mysterious about soap making […]

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Soap for Horse Lovers

Soap for Horse Lovers Horse Lovers Soap These soaps have horse lovers ingredients: a bale of hay (scented with Warm Barn Wood), hand molded Horses scented with Leather in a field of grass soap shavings scented with Cut Grass. I hand molded these hay bales and little horses, so no two will be identical. The […]

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