Witches Dance In Gardens

Dear Lizzie: They say witches dance in gardens. This makes me laugh every time I read this divisive propaganda. We dance any where we want, but in gardens? Please. Well, not any more. It’s not as if we need to be secretive about our identities. That was in the old days before the government realized […]

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Soap Molding Consistency

This video shows the consistency of a pliable soap for soap molding. Make hand molded soap, use fondant tools or push this soap into a mold. Let this soap cure and it will produce embeds that do not ash. Please, ask me if you have questions. I’ll do my best to answer you quickly. You […]

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Tiny Soap Flowers

How to Make Tiny Soap Flowers A video and instructions for making tiny soap flowers, from Sorcery Soap. *For more information about soap molding, see: Resources.  For simple recipes see this simple soap recipe. Fondant Plunger Used To make molded soap flowers, it is a good idea to use a soap recipe that produces a smooth […]

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Simple Soap Recipe

Simple Soap Recipe I see so many new soapers ask for a simple soap recipe, so I decided to share one of my best go-to recipes. This recipe is ideal for new soapers and new to the art of hand molding cold processing soap. A few things to keep in mind: #1. Watch your oil […]

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How To Make Hand Molded Soaps

How To Make Hand Molded Soaps Refreshing an old art form This is what has worked for me, and although I don’t think most of you need to know this, I will state it to be clear. There are many ways to do anything, hence the cliche, “there is more than one way to skin […]

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Triangle Soap Recipe

Soap Recipe How I made this soap: I was inspired to use this recipe because I wanted a simple recipe for a more complex design. I had an idea about the slanted design, but hadn’t tried it yet, so I just held the idea loosely. I had to see how the soap preformed to know […]

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Soaping Insights

Soaping Insights What I learned from this pie soap and other soaping adventures. I’m in love with soaping, so this makes me want to learn. I watch, experiment and chart what I learn. I have made one recipe over and over, with only design variation. Here are some of the things I’ve learned. 1.) I always […]

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