Fall Soaps

Fall Soaps Been getting ready for the holidays: Autumn, Halloween, Winter, Christmas… All the high holidays and seasons. First release are these Fall Soaps. If you’ve been reading my blog posts you’ll know that cold process needs 4-6 weeks to cure, to accurately weight the soap and create a solid, hard bar of lasting soap. So, I […]

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Soap for Horse Lovers

Soap for Horse Lovers Horse Lovers Soap These soaps have horse lovers ingredients: a bale of hay (scented with Warm Barn Wood), hand molded Horses scented with Leather in a field of grass soap shavings scented with Cut Grass. I hand molded these hay bales and little horses, so no two will be identical. The […]

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Make Soap Embeds

Make Soap Embeds All embeds I make now, unless indicated, are cold process soap. How I Started Making Soap Embeds I started making soap embeds because I explored what my interests and discovered, a bit more, how different I see and interact with the world. I also saw my soaps, to date, were about perfecting my […]

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Sugar Pie Soap

Sugar Pie Soap – Handmade Sodium Lauryl Sulfate FREE Soap.  I began making soap to live more simply by getting chemicals out of all bath and body products. So, after doing a ton of research I started making soap. I soon realized simple ingredients do not need to be boring. ON the contrary, they can be […]

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