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I want to ensure you receive this coupon directly, therefore the post. Pumpkin Soaps Sorcery Soaps

I have some rather unique soaps. The tops are hand molded and chosen very carefully. Which you know if you’re subscribed.

Each soap I make has some story with it. I might not have been explicit enough about those stories, which is something I plan on changing in the future. Part of this story telling I’m learning to do through videos.

Eventually, maybe even this weekend, I’ll make a video on how I make cold process hand molded soap tops. Learning how to do this will open doors of endless possibilities for your soaps, if you’re willing to put in some time and a little attention to details. Well, a lot of attention.

This coupon is for 25% of anything here, not just at Etsy. (That’s a separate coupon code, however, everything I offer on Etsy is already here.)

My goal for this year is to get my soaps in the hands of those that are attracted to a new idea, a different art-form. And those who want a safe and lovely bar of soap.

Why? Because I want to support all those who open their minds to something new, different. I think its a great exercise in adaptability. And that is how I support humanity to continue, to support adaptability. Those who can adapt will survive and that is true for any animal.Sorcery Soaps Shop

I see so many businesses (not just soaping) that are mimicking large corporations. I hear people toss around the world “professional”. That goes against the idea of rustic, and hand crafted. How do these two ideas work together? Or do they? I think someone who deepens with their craft will offer a polish to their work, that may or may not been seen as our archaic idea of “professionalism”. I think manners trump all ideas of professionalism, which is intimately linked to the corporate world. Most of us don’t buy hand crafted works because we want to do business with a corporation, to be treated as a mass, but want to be seen as an individual. To be treated with a connection, one-on-one.

With technology the way it is, we can connect so easily. When people don’t they are too busy, which means you/we are not a priority. For me, that is lost on most. When this connection is lost, it feels as if we are not seen. At all.

I know when I shop at Wal-Mart, which I do for very specific things, that they will keep going with or without me. So why would they care what I think or how happy/unhappy I am about how they conduct business or, more to the point, how “professional” they are?

They don’t. And I know it. I feel it. I understand this, very clearly.

I have made each one of you my priority. If I haven’t answered a question, its because I didn’t see it, which is my fault. I take care to connect with each of you and know that my soap will be on your body, in your bath or with someone you care for.

I also would like to add, that attention, real attention is the best form of love I can give.

With that,  just enter this coupon code at check out. Here you go: 25offentiresite



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