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Twenty Sorcery Soap Dough Recipes Only

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20 Sorcery Soap Dough Recipes Only - PDF / ebook

This is for 20 Sorcery Soap Recipes only! These recipes work for soap dough and soap bars.

This is advanced soap making, for those who have basic cold process soap making under their belts. You will not be taught HOW to make soap in this book, but JUST the soap dough recipes. Please read the bullet points. 

It is advisable to NOT share these recipes with others. Please direct them to this page if you would like to share where you found these recipes. Thank you! 

I have separated the full book "A Soap Recipe Book of Light and Shadow" into smaller sections because of many requests. I am happy to do this, however, if you don't read both books completely you miss much of the full process. I cannot give you the insights I have gained from hundreds of pound of soap in one sentence. Please, be patient with your learning and education. Not one aspect of this soap dough process came over night. It came from being present and looking below the surface. If I have been remiss with information, please know, that my intention is to do more good than harm, and give as much information as I can, which means offering all I remember, have written down and documented. If something is missing, it is not important or I assume you have that knowledge base. If you have questions, you can join the Sorcery Creations facebook group, search the internet, watch Sorcery Soap Videos or read Sorcery Soap Blogs for your answers.  ALL BOOKS

In this collection are all my very best recipes I use for soap dough and soap bars.

Note: Recipe #3 should read 2.5% for Cocoa Butter under percentages column. The grams are correct. This will be corrected in the future.

  • 20 proven Soap Recipes (Cold process Soap Dough) total
  • 10 Soap Recipes that include lard 
  • 9  Soap Recipes that include palm oil 
  • 4 Soap Recipes that are lard and palm oil free
  • 1 Soap Recipe that has lard and palm oil


Please take the time to read all written materials on these pages in blog so you fully understand. Reading this material is the first level of understanding soap dough. 

This is for the Sorcery Soap Recipes only. If you would like the entire book see here! Entire Book here:

This Soap Recipe Book of Light and Shadow soap recipes is fun, useful and magical. Create your own soaping fairytale - open a door of possibilities. Take this feeling into your soap kitchen and conjure your wildest imaginings.

Some wanted just the recipes, however, please use your best judgement and skill-base for making cold process. There is much information for basic soap making skills, please be responsible and educate yourself before doing more advanced techniques.


If you want the FULL ACTUAL BOOK Get more organized, create your own version of Sorcery Soap with everything I use, click here:

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    3. The first enchanted soap book, An Enchanted Book of Peculiar Ideas and Soap Potions for the full story of soap dough. 

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