Soap Recipe Book of Light and Shadow BINDER

Soap Dough Recipe Book of Light and Shadow BINDER

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Updated pages! 

This purchase is for this binder book to hold in your hands.


When you receive your book examine everything closely. Secrets will be revealed as you use this book, making the Book of Light and Shadow your own.  

Never forget how you made your soap AGAIN!

Stay organized with this easy to use soap recipe binder.

The binder is of "A Soap Recipe Book of Light and Shadow" actual book.

Why this book is important:

1.) 20 Soap Dough Recipes.

2.) Charts to keep notes and help you stay organized.


This is ADVANCED soap making, for those who have basic cold process soap making under their belts. You will NOT be taught HOW to make soap in this book, but offered the following:

  1. This is a binder with sleeves for each page that are customizable.
  2. This book is all the best versions of my own soap recipe book, along with the my very best recipes I use for soap dough and soap bars.
  •  Removable pages, 60 pages total
  • 20 proven Soap Recipes (Cold process Soap Dough) total
  • 10 Vegan Recipes - soap dough and soap bars
  • 10 Soap Recipes that include lard - dough and bars
  • 9  Soap Recipes that include palm oil - dough and bars
  • 4 Soap Recipes that are lard and palm oil FREE - dough and bars
  • 8 Charts / Organizational Tools
  • 40 Customized Soap Recipe cards
  • Extras and surprises...

This Soap Recipe Book of Light and Shadow is fun, useful and magical. Create your own soaping fairytale - open a door of possibilities. Take this feeling into your soap kitchen and conjure your wildest imaginings.

If you want the history and fuller concept of soap dough, please read the book description for this BOOK as well, "An Enchanted Book of Peculiar Ideas and Soap Potions" or The Magic of Soap Dough. 


"I have had the pleasure of reading Bee's "A Soap Recipe Book of Light & Shadow."  From the moment of finding it on my doorstep I knew I was holding a piece of magic. It radiates from the cover. You run your hand across it and you understand the love, dedication, passion, and trust she is imparting by sharing this with you. It was at that moment I understood I was her apprentice. That she was giving to me the skill sets I would need to become a soap witch myself. To make my bubble lab capable of creating soap dough she will be proud of (I hope). Because if I fail it shall not be her fault. Not that I think she'd ever let one of us fail. Far more than the usual "cookbook" this is knowledge shared with a lot of room so I can lean heavily on all the recipes, wisdom, and organizational magic she has included while making it my own. And there is in abundance recipes and ways to organize your craft giving your muse time to enchant. Thank you Bee for sharing your passion and your blood, sweat, and tears. For anyone who has followed Bee and her creations and dreamed of one day making your own today is that day."

 Sharon Boyd Chapman - Willa Bella Soaps 

This is the beginning. You can add new recipes to this book easily, take each recipe in a plastic cover out of the 3-ring binder into your soapery.

Charts and Sheets included:

  1. Fragrance Oils / Essential Oils sheet: It is one thing to read how a fragrance or essential oil performs, it’s something entirely different to see the performance of a fragrance oil for yourself. This sheet is meant to keep track of your opinion and experience of each fragrance or essential oil you use.
  2. New Ideas: This sheet is a place to keep a log of your new ideas, things you’ve tried, how they worked out and a resource for those days when inspiration has flagged.
  3. Orders & Shipping sheet: Writing down where and when you ordered your supplies has multiple uses - you have an easy to find log of all your suppliers and their ship times. This is also a quick way to follow-up on outstanding orders.
  4. Login & Passwords: If you have more than one supplier, you will have more than one login and password just for soap, not to mention all the other login and passwords one needs to interact on the internet. Here is one safe place to keep a record of all necessary login and password information.
  5. Soap Cards: These pre-made cards can be printed, cut, filled out and placed with each curing soap. No more forgetting the date and details of each soap as it cures.
  6. Oil/Butter sheet: a handy sheet to check the hardness or softness of an oil or butter if one needs to be replaced in a pinch, along with many other necessary details.
  7. Soap Recipe Chart: a blank recipe card to fill out. Make your own soap recipe.
  8. Soap Notes: These sheets are used with each soap recipe, even if you have made it many times before. Each note area has prompts for things we take for granted, but some times change on the fly. Keep track of temperatures, colorants, amounts, suppliers and many more important facts. All these details help you to understand what went right or wrong and how to duplicate the recipe. These will turn into your soaping history and eventually your own personal soap recipe book.



Well Done!!!

I am just amazed at the time and detail that went into the Soap Recipe Book of Light and Shadow binder! And, in addition to this wonderful resource, I received a sweet handwritten note, a small sticky pad to mark recipes, along with a wonderful fairy door, and heart shaped soap cookies! Thank you so much! I am anxiously awaiting completion of the book that is currently in progress. Couldn't be more pleased!


"I absolutely adore Bee's new book, A Soap Recipe Book of Light & Shadow. I love that it is printed. There are lots of eBooks these days but sometimes you just want to hold a book in your hand and write notes in it. I love that it is expandable; I can add my own recipes to sleeves. The charts are extremely helpful and easy to use. Sometimes it can be hard to know where to start with formulating a recipe and I feel like her recipes that she included make a great base to learn from. This book is an excellent resource for any soap maker. You'll be pulling it out every time you make a batch of soap. "

- Amanda Aaron - Lovin Soap Studio


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