Follow Your Own Artistic Path

Follow Your Own Artistic Path

True Story

I had an idea that involved a pie shape, but  didn’t want to commit to an easily found silicone pie mold and wasn’t sure I’d like making pie shaped soaps. Being a person who loves using tools I have around the house, I avoid buying everything unnecessary.

Mice and Cheese Soap #gift #giftidea #lemongrassoap #artisansoap

I also have a philosophy to do more-with-less. This philosophy has strengthened what I know to be my best tool, creativity. Creativity cannot be created, purchased or manufactured. I discovered creativity is my one of my super powers.

I’ve asked myself this, “If I don’t have any tools (paint brushes, camera, etc.) am I still an artist?” I realized, being outside, I can use my finger and draw in the sand. I see the world slightly different. I know this because when I bring what I see in my minds eye out to the world it is dissimilar to other views.

Pitfalls Of Making Pie Soaps

After a few attempts I found a process that works for removing cold process soap from the dish in tact and avoiding the known nemesis of a possible design flaw, the dreaded gel circle in the center. There is nothing fundamentally wrong with soap that does gel incompletely. I didn’t want it in this soap.

From a previous batch of soap that was colored with brown oxide I made small mice. I didn’t know what I’d do with them when I made them, but I made them anyway. I let those little mice roll around in my mind for a few weeks while they cured.

As I pondered what to do with the little mice, I realized I was looking at the next batch of soap all wrong. I didn’t need to make small pieces of cheese for the mice, but make one large piece and hand mold each cut bar.

After that change of mind-set, my soap came together nicely. And, no, it doesn’t smell like cheese. Mice and Cheese Soap #gift #giftidea #lemongrassoap #artisansoap

All this I did with my own direction, but being open to taking cues from my experience and environment and not being in a hurry. I gave myself time to considered new ideas.

I believe being creative is about following your own path. I ask myself, on a regular basis, “what am I doing that is new”? Then I wait for the answer.

Creativity takes time. Inspiration takes initiative. When the inspiration iron is hot, I have to strike, I have to take action, of some kind. If I cannot take action on my inspiration in the moment, I, at least, must write it down. If I have an idea for something, no matter what others say, I need to figure it out for myself. There are times, of course, that someone will say something rational that I had not considered.

I know that fear is imaginary, danger is real and the rest is creativity.


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