Free Soap Dough Recipe Hand Out

Free Soap Dough Recipe Hand Out

Free Sorcery Soap Dough Recipe

Cold Process Soap Dough Recipe by Sorcery Soap™


This information and recipe is meant to help expand your soaping repertoire, explore more creative options and inspire you to new creative worlds with pliable cold process soap.

This recipe will get you started with the process of cold process soap dough.

A few things to keep in mind:


  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. 

When Working With your Soap Dough

  • When working with soap, use a muslin bag filled with corn starch to keep the soap from sticking to the work surface and itself. Too much corn starch will leave your soaps looking powdery so use with frugal care.
  • Spraying tools with 91% alcohol will keep cutters and plungers from sticking.
  • Spraying with water will make soap dissolve. Remember how soap behaves in the shower? Use water to stick pieces of soap together sparingly.
  • Once removed from the sealed container, soap will begin evaporation and curing, therefore hardening. 
  • Be patient with yourself, if you want to make embeds by hand, it will take time to learn.

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