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Sorcery Soap™ Shop policies

Sorcery Soap makes "good" on all creations. That means our exchange is to be one of honor, integrity and a fair trade of energy. It is our intention you receive what is displayed and described in great condition. We want you to have beautiful soap package each soap with great care.       
We make no claims about our products. Please read each page carefully. Each word is chosen to convey the truth of the product.

Sorcery Soap™ Copyrights

Sorcery Soap designs in book format, video and online classes are not for reteaching and are covered by copyrights. If reproducing, duplicating,

Sorcery Soap™  designs credit must be given each and every time. 

© 2016 - 2023 Sorcery Soap™ , B. Iyata, All Rights Reserved.


Sorcery Soap™ Returns and exchanges

Refunds are one of the three "R's": return, replace or refund. We cannot accept soap returns. We hope you are so pleased doing business with Sorcery Soap and tell others, with this in mind know we do our level best to offer you the very best in hand made soaps.

If you are displeased by an error on our part we will set it right. We have offered all conditions of each purchase on every product page. Because of the nature of personal use for soap, we are unable to accept returns on soap or soap dough, however we can give store credit or set you right to the best of our ability.

Ebook Return Policy - No Returns On Ebooks 

Our Policy:
Please, be confident in your purchase BEFORE purchase. Once you purchase your ebook, you accept our terms and conditions. 
Ebooks cannot be returned.
Once purchased see your email for explicit directions to obtain your book. 

If you take issue with one or more of these terms and conditions, please, do not purchase. We strive to be fair, offering unique items for reasonable prices. Fair trade, fair commerce. 

We no longer offer technical support for your device. 


Sorcery Soap accepts Paypay as well as all major credit cards. 


Sorcery Soap is shipped USPS priority, and First Class packed as safely and meant to get your Sorcery Soap™ products to you in the best quality possible. 

Priority USPS mail and First Class have tracking and/or minimum insurance.

Additional policies and FAQs

Sorcery Soap guarantees this soap will clean your skin. A benefit of hand made Sorcery Soap is you might enjoy the process of bathing as well!
(We cannot guarantee that part, but we can strive for the illusive experience and to brighten your day!)