Sorcery Soaps

Sorcery Soap™ - Providing Soap Dough Since 2016   

Our goal is to provide unique tools, so you can create unique soap crafts. 

Hi, I'm Bee the head Soap Witch. J and I make videos together AND offer hundreds of free tutorial videos. 

To take seemingly unrelated ingredients and make them into something useful, good for your skin and fun to use, is my version of sorcery. The ability to bring something from only my imagination into reality can be considered a little bit of wizardry or witchcraft and most definitely, SORCERY.

100 Best Soap Making Blog Award

 Along the way I committed my ideas to print, five times. There are five books on the topic of soap dough. That's how much I believe in this process, I wrote five books.

Sorcery Soap™ is Inspiration in one bar!

My promise to you, all soaps made by this Soap Witch are 100% SUPER-natural and poison free. 

Working with Sorcery Soap Dough inspires me. It is my hope it inspires you, too!