Ebook Download Instructions

We allow up to 3 downloads, which is the equivalent of 3 books. Imagine buying a print book, putting it somewhere and then losing track of it. Remember where you download and save your books.

Please READ!

This is a LARGE EBOOK filled with images. 

A connection via your hand held that supports a large download is necessary or utilize your desktop.

  • A reliable and compensatory connection via your hand held that supports a large download is necessary. 
  • Otherwise, download from and to your desktop or device that will allow for a large file.
  • You will receive a PDF or Zip file. Extract (open) the zip file and save that file where you can relocate.
  • Before you proceed, if you've downloaded your book skip to number 3.
Please follow the directions below.

A link has been sent to the email provided. If you don't see the link, check your spam folder.

1.) You are required to download your book and save it.  (Generally at the top right of the screen is an option to save/download depending on the browser used.)
2.) REMEMBER: Watch where the book is downloaded/stored so it can be retrieved later.

3.) Check your download file folder or SEARCH your device for the book ordered. 

4.) This is a zip file that opens to a pdf, unless automatically extracted.

The following is for your handheld device. If downloaded on to your desktop computer, search your downloads folder (or where you download files).
We no longer offer technical support for your download process or personal computers or individual handhelds i.e. cell phones.