Midsummer Night’s… Elderflower Soap

Midsummer Night’s… Elderflower SoapMidsummer Night's Soap

“… if you want to see fairies, all you need to do is stand under an elder tree on Midsummer’s Eve, but be careful not to fall asleep, because they’ll carry you off!” [Quote Credit]

This is what happened with this truly magical scent – it carried me off to wax poetic. I’m completely in love with this fragrance! So much, thoughts of devotion immediately sprang to mind.

I used Elderflower fragrance from Mad Oils for the first time and am so truly pleased. This scent reminds me of a wedding… But, even more magical, if that’s possible. This is an engaging scent, an invitation into a union that is cloaked in romance and sprinkled with other worldly mystery.

Midsummer Night’s Soap will be included in July’s Magic Soap Box. I hope to create a box of unusual scents, lovely designs and a flavor of the unique. There is little purpose to a decorated soap, and yet, to delight in a creation is to enjoy a moment, to enjoy this life.

I will leave you with this last bit of folklore, which I found enticing…

“The Druids thought of it as the tree of superstition, able to ward off the evil spirits and threats of death and destruction. The White Goddess, who guarded the door to the underworld, was said to protect the elder tree.” [Folklore]

Midsummer Night's Soap

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