This is a quick resource for the frequently asked questions.

(I'm busy working on a new book/soap/inspiration. )

What is soap dough?

Soap dough has been developed by Bee Iyata to behave similar to clay or fondant and cures hard. First developed in 2015 and brought to the soap community in 2016. Before the book AN ENCHANTED BOOK OF PECULIAR IDEAS AND SOAP POTIONS book was offered, there were no resources for soap dough.

Sorcery Soap offers 20 (two books of 10 soap dough recipes) reliable cold process soap recipes cultivated specifically for soap dough and also turns into a quality bar of soap. Soap dough in its pliable form can be molded into charming embellishments and embeds to make your handmade soaps even better. 


Where can I learn more about soap dough?

Here at Sorcery Soap website + Sorcery Soap Creations Group by Bee and Jacob offer the following:


Does Sorcery Soap ship to my country?

Yes. We ship globally. 

I don't want / cannot pay for shipping?

No worries! We offer all of our soap dough books in ebook format! 

"I made soap dough once and it didn't turn out". 

I understand. Learning to weight exactly, becoming aware of soap making behaviors and being fully present to soap making can take time. Keep at it. I only offer soap dough recipes that have been tried and tested, and tested, and tested. The soap dough recipes I offer work. Keep at it.

If you want to learn how to make great soap dough, follow the instructions exactly. Do not substitute, do not over/under weight, and adhere to temperatures suggested. Above all, read.

Do you offer / sell embellishments?


Do you wholesale?

No. I create. I create new soaps, new designs and offer inspiration. I also am (more than likely) working on a new book. I offer soaps rarely ever seen. So you can purchase a bar of original handmade Sorcery Soap. My job is to inspire and it takes most of my waking (and dreaming) time. 

Can I substitute ______ oil/butter? 

No. I have refined each of the 20 soap dough recipes I offer. If you want another recipe, it (more than likely) is already included in one of the four books offered. All these recipes include reasonable and easy to obtain ingredients. 

How do you get such white soap? 

Titanium dioxide and refined butters and oils. The lighter the soap base the more white your soap will appear. I outline the details of this process in The Magic of Soap Dough Book.  Each book is packed with soap information you'll not find elsewhere. 

Can I remelt or put my soap dough in the microwave?

No. Use the warmth of your hands and pressure of fingers to mold soap dough. 

Can I copy your design?

Yes. You can copy. All things take practice and by copying a design that has already been worked out and discovered, is easier. You CANNOT build your business around my designs. That is not fair play. 

It is always - ALWAYS - good form to acknowledge (by tagging or email) where you learned about soap dough, and/or the design you copied. I see most creations and when someone does not acknowledge I know that, too. 

Can I pick up an order?

No. We'd be happy to ship to you. 

Do you have a group?

Yes! We have a 10,000 member strong group where we share our unique designs, support each other and most of all, inspire each other! Sorcery Creations Group. If you'd like to join ANSWER ALL QUESTIONS!