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Sorcery Soaps™

Holiday Stencils

Holiday Stencils

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These Sorcery Soap Stencils are custom suited for stenciling soap dough onto soaps bars. Get ready for the holidays with just a touch of soap in the shape of Christmas past.

Unique stencils for your unique soap craft.   

A creative stencil can dress up a plain bar of soap. A soap stencil opens the world of misbehaving fragrance oils. Now, all those fragrance oils that move fast can be utilized. Make a single color soap and stencil on it afterward. 

These stencils are washable and reusable. Can be used for a variety of applications and crafts. 


  • Each stencil will fit soap bar size: 3 x 2 inch or larger.
  • Over all stencil size: 5 x 3.5 inch
  • Interior sized approximately 2-3 inches

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Janette Merrill
Love the stencils

I thought I had purchased the Santa stamp footprint not the stencil?


Beautiful design and great quality

Karin Hamilton
Stencils are great

I have a few of your stencils now and I love putting on what would have been "plain" soap. The stencils can dress up a plain soap bar to be something artistic and beautiful.

You have the right idea! This comment made glad to read, as that is the very reason I created these! :D

Christina Paradise
So gorgeous!

I used white soap dough for the standing reindeer on a tall & skinny red bar of soap…the white on red was absolutely beautiful! I wasn’t sure what color I should make the reindeer and my mom suggested the white..and holy cannoli, what a great idea! I’m calling these bars “Majestic” because no other name really suits them! These stencils are phenomenal. I had only bought a couple to start, fell in love with them immediately, and bought a bunch more about a week later..I’m now obsessed and on a mission to own them ALL!