Packaging That Matters

Packaging That Matters

How important is packaging to you?

I purchased two bars of cold process soap from a soap maker I did not know. The packaging was acceptable. The bars showed up undamaged, but some how I was disappointed. I examined the evidence. The soaps did their job in the shower, yet I was not impressed. Why?

I compared this experience to a supplier’s packaging who I get a great feeling from – Mad Oils.

Mad Oils offers nice touches like a a hand written quote on a tag, candy and fragrance oil samples. My orders seemed to matter to Mad Oils.

Mad Oils Image
Mad Oils Packaging

So what is it exactly? Is it the character of the business that comes through the experience, along with the packaging? Is it the packaging itself? Is it how “professional” it look?

Mad Oils labels are great, but in the past the names of the micas would rub off. I didn’t care. I forgave that immediately and wrote the names myself. Is it the candy that Mad Oils sometimes sends? I don’t eat it, it goes right into the trash. Is it the stamps on the outside of the box? Is it the suppliers adorable stamped muslin bags that I collect?

Over all, its the feeling of how important my order was to Mad Oils. Mad Oils takes more care in packaging my little order (and they are a SUPPLIER who probably does volume) than the individual soaper I purchased from. The soaper did what was expected. No more. Because of this experience, although the soaps were fine, I won’t buy from them again.

Sorcery Soaps labels are created by me and printed on paper that will easily dissolve leaving little evidence.

To some, Sorcery Soap labels would seem un-professional. They are printed simply on paper. I chose paper because we don’t keep this (generally), it helps to keep costs down, and still I have considered every detail. I add silk to each bar, the results are subtle, but I notice. I hand cut each flower or anything that is an embellishment. I love details and push this idea to an amplified degree.

Magic Box Packaging
Sorcery Soap Magic Box Packaging

Why do I take so much care? I want each person who purchases from Sorcery Soap to feel that you matter. Because YOU do! I can’t know each one of you, but I can respect and care for your order in my own way.

What means the most to you?

Truly, I would be grateful if you leave a comment. I want to know what you think.

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