Soap Stones How-To and Video

How To Make Soap Stones

In this video there are two different colored soaps: one is colored with cocoa powder and the other is colored with Mad Oils Gold mica.

Soap Stones

Both of these soaps  are cold process. The brown soap has a 34% water discount, whereas the gold has a 38% water discount. The brown is much smoother and less sticky, while the gold is a bit stickier. For these soaps stones both are fine, and the stickier gold soap is harder to work with, but effective for adherence.

Taking about equal parts of both colors and blending them together helps to create an appearance of stone. I use these little rocks for Koi Pond Soaps. I’m not trying to create a realistic stone, but one that conveys the idea of a stone. Purple Koi Soap

The other interesting appearance is the gold with the full water recipe contrasts against the solid opaque nature of the brown giving a gleam, or a slight translucence effect. This effect is difficult to see in the video.

Don’t worry about making them perfect, this is one time that having your soap look a little rough is to your advantage.

I’m more than happy to help you, if you have any questions. I have recipes here, that are wonderful for soap molding, more videos and how-to’s.

*In the video I’m spraying with 91% alcohol to smooth and dry the soap stones.

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