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Spicy Pinecone Review and Year End


2015 for Sorcery Soap

I’ve made some supportive and encouraging soap friends, garnered positive attention for Sorcery Soap and the 100% Super Natural Embellishments, written more than I did the previous year, began a book about Sorcery Soap Philosophy of Embellishments (including how to make hand molded soaps and the magic that follows), and received 135,000 views on Chicken Soaps (and sold a bunch). For all these gifts, thank you!

I also discovered my photography was honorably shared and used (mostly) more than any other year I’ve been photographing (since 2005), and many of my skills are coming into focus; writing, coding, web development, photography, social media and mostly, my brand of creativity. For the first time its being received with the same energy I’m creating.

I’m truly grateful to have discovered soap making, thank you honey for pointing me in the soap direction.

Spicy Pinecone Review

Of all the things that happened to Sorcery Soap, this review by Sarah from Spicy Pinecone was my absolute favorite. Watching this video made me laugh, clarified vague questions and made me feel truly proud of what I’m creating. Sarah, I find delightful and hope to do something with her again, until then, I’ll just watch this video.

To all you who follow my posts on facebook, instagram, pinterest, etc. and receive this blog, thank you immensely for your support. I absorb your good will and magical wishes. From my soap laboratory/apothecary to yours may at least one of your wishes come true, you experience something magical and enjoy loving and being loved this Happy New Year!


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