What If Humans ARE Natural?

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What does is say for our self worth, to agree with the idea that natural is superior to man-made? This is a tag line, propaganda, an under current, a reductive idea that has been promoted for too many years. I wonder what the motive is… To say man made is less than, not nature, unnatural, and all we touch is inferior.  Are humans not natural to anywhere or just our planet?

I find it a mistake to think only plants have intelligence, and that intelligence of form (remember, we do not instruct a plant, it has it’s own agenda) is lost once we reconstruct that form into another form. Aren’t we, after all, reconstructed form from an egg and a spermatozoa into our shapes? Don’t our bodies replace all cells every seven years? Do only our cells have some form of intelligence? What of other beings, other substances… ?

It has been my mistake to think humans are not natural and all things that are “natural” are superior to human influence or humans at all.

Granted many people who instruct the form-based world are not honorable alchemist. That doesn’t diminish the idea that if something is heated, treated or altered by humans mean that the intelligence is gone entirely. What if, instead of “create your reality,” the truer truth is work with your creations and honor the intelligence in all things, regardless if one understands fully?

What if the ancients understood far better than we do by honoring the earth in celebration, by blessing objects of importance, making offerings to an idea, asking the world and all that is for aid in survival?

What if natural is not superior, and man-made is not inferior?

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Scary Pumpkin Soap

Would you have more self-respect and self-honor?

Would you see yourself as part of the natural world? How would your interactions change?

What if you stop believing the company line, which is fact-less and groundless once examined; what if you forget the idea that man-made is inferior and that anything man touches is ruined and inferior to what nature produces.

How does entertaining the idea that you are part of nature change how you see yourself?

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