Additions to the Sorcery Soap Family

Additions to the Sorcery Soap Family

Additions to the Sorcery Soap Family

I’ve been down the creative rabbit hole lately, letting images and ideas swirl around my mind in waking and sleeping life.

Making soap is a spiral, not a direct path. I make something and leave it, make something else and leave it and keep moving forward not knowing how it’ll all come together. One day I’ll look at all the little soap figures I have around the house and see the new bar of soap. It’ll all just appear, being an answer to a question I have been asking for weeks, or months. “Why am I making these?”

I made the little snails and toadstools months ago. Then, I recently began making the little gnomes. After making many of them, the toadstools and little flowers I use for Tangled Soap (and the new Meadow Flowers Soap) seemed to fit too.

My hope for you, is that you trust your own process, leave your linear mind at the door of your soap kitchen, and follow your inspiration. I also hope that you stay inspired and smile when you see these newest Sorcery Soaps!

Have a lovely day!



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