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Sorcery Soaps™

Hocus Pocus Lotion Blends

Hocus Pocus Lotion Blends

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 Sorcery Soap has added a new dimension to our skin care, Hocus Pocus Lotion.

This lotion is medium weight for body, face and hands.

Our recipe is simple, straight forward ingredients that we and you can understand to provide enough slip to glide on smoothly, non-oily, and beneficial to your skin. 

I've never, not once, used lotion for only my face or my hands. I wanted a lotion that was good for my family and myself that was of benefit to my entire body. What we do to our face or any body part is what we do to the rest of our bodies. 

This easy screw top enables every bit of this lotion can be use. Nothing will remain in the container, as all lotion is accessible.  

8 Ounces

Scent: The Reserve

When the man of our house wears The Reserve I immediately say, "what is that amazing scent?" He, of course, responses, "Me." 

It reflects him perfectly, a touch of garage sophistication, which means he can change a tire as easily as put a suit and take me to dinner. A beautifully rich leather, mixed with vanilla, black amber and a full bodied bourbon... All the things I want to experience when I walk in his study. The hint of oak musk is a bonus. 

  • Top notes: Jasmine Sambac, Italian Bergamot, Heliotrope
  • Middle notes: Vanilla Bourbon, Decadent Leather, Black Amber
  • Base notes: Cedre Woods, Burgundy Reserve, Exotic Oak Musk

Scent: Cumulus

This scent has clouds of Heliotrope married with coconut cream, hints of pistachio and grounded with sandalwood and quiet hints of vanilla musk and a pinch of caramel.  Many people's have witnessed large well defined clouds, enjoyed the scent of coconut and bathed in clouds of heliotrope flower scents, but to have all these in one fragrance is a this world experience.

  • Top notes: Coconut Cream, Pistachio 
  • Middle notes: Tonka Bean, Heliotrope
  • Base notes: Exotic Vanilla Musk, Sandalwood, Salted Caramel

Scent: Angel's Realm

Scent Memory's Angel's Share

Named for the evaporation of liquor in oak barrels that lifts, while aging, like a silent offering to the gods.

Contains notes of Cognac, cinnamon, hazelnut, vanilla, oak wood. 

      Hocus Pocus Lotion 

      This lotion is creamy white and all ingredients are easily understood. 


       Coconut oil, Cocoa Butter, Emulsifying Wax, Stearic, Optiphen, Fragrance.

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      Customer Reviews

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      Michelle T
      Cumulus Hocus Pocus

      This is a delightful treat for the skin. The lotion itself has the texture of an indulgent dense cream but glides and absorbs into the skin easily. No heavy or greasy feeling residue. The fragrance and moisturizing benefits linger long after the application. Aptly named! A bit of magic in a jar. Thank you Sorcery Soap!

      My dear! So lovely of you to take time and share! Thank you, from both of us, thank you!
      Blessings, Bee