Words Are Magic

Words Are Magic

Life moves in mysterious ways. Some think they know all. I am of the opinion not all is knowable. The mystery of the movement and change makes life fascinating.
Writing is my first love and desire, and when I feel most in harmony with my existence, I’m writing. Words Are Magic

I have been clearing mental filters; letting go of stories I tell myself, questioning all things I thought I KNEW and discarding those that are not true or no longer serve. This clearing process has been long. How can I expect to change and hold on to old thought patterns and ideas that were temporary or that don’t work?

This experience is akin to stepping off a precipice into the unknown. 

You and I met because of soap dough. I'm grateful for that. But then, maybe we met because you read my books.

If you are the latter, I’m writing to you.

As I work through the desire to write I look for clues of this new path. Am I walking the "right" way? Why the impulse to share the stories? Why does it feel like this is my most important work? Each step seems to create the path. The other day, someone sent me an email with this: “Appreciate you... Your books truly changed my life.”

This was the gold stepping stone I needed. A sign I was on my path. This sentence gave me encouragement and bit more belief in what I’m doing. Words, these few words, changed me. An example of magic.

I'm lost to the world of writing. Nothing else has my attention. I continue to ask, “Is this the way?”

As I complete Vol. 3 I realized I could ask for help. Clearly, I do not have a plan, but I am asking for guidance daily. My belief in the unseen is growing unshakable, yet the unseen is rather vague in the indications. I believe the greatest inspiration comes as a whisper, an idea that creates a sense of wonder.

If you have read my soap books and would like to be a "reader" for the this next book, please contact me.

A “reader” (in this context) is someone who reads the work, does not share it, and offers thoughts or feedback. This is an exchange of trust. First responses are ideal. Simply reading and noticing, and sharing what you noticed.

Thank you for being here, for reading this, and adding to the magic created here. I’m offering my version of magic into this realm, and maybe others, but if I connect with one other magical soul through this work, all is well in my realm.
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