Inspiration is Rare

Inspiration is Rare

When you are inspired soap making turns from a chore to magical. 

Inspiration seems hard to find when it becomes elusive, but all it takes is a flick of a fairy wing, a sparkle in the air at the edge of your sight to change the direction of the day. 

These subtle influences, if not nurtured, can evaporate as quickly as they appeared. Next time you see one, grab it, nurture it and blow on that little spark until it flames into a roaring fire of creativity. 

Here are a few ideas to get that inspiration burning bright. 

If you've never tried your and at soap cookies, take a peek at all the pre-made soap dough in stock. 

Halloween Soap Cookies

 Sorcery Soap Cookies

Sorcery Soap Cookies

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Hi Bee:
I have your soap dough books and will have to dust them off to make some this Christmas!! I love your soap cookies and did you paint each cookie separately? Thanks in advance!

Kathy J

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