The Way Forward

The Way Forward

Sometimes the way forward is unclear.

The more likes and followers one receives the more "feeders" there are. I wanted to bring this point forward.

I classify "feeders" as those who offer very little but want a great deal back. They claim that you get access to their following - regardless of audience content -  for a small sum of $5,000. I'm not even kidding. 

For a fee of $5-10K of free products (which I have to offer) I get access to their "red carpet" and celebrities. So, let me get this straight, I offer weeks worth of hard work and actual materials I have to pay for, for a "promise," for a possibility?  Yeah, I'll pass. I'll take a hard pass on that. 

I understand "exposure". Truly, I get it AND as far as fair trading, which I subscribe to as this:  fair exchanges of energy/resources where both parties walk away feeling satisfied - this $5-10K deal doesn't sound like I get the good end of that shit stick. 

Words are wind. I learn a lot from Game of Thrones. 

A "feeder" is someone (person or company) who sees the work you've done, doesn't want to do that work, but wants a piece of your work, much like a parasite on a host. 

I try too often to intellectualize this behavior, however, when I feel into it, when I get the sense of the situation it all becomes crystal clear. I ask myself this question, "will I walk away from this deal feeling satisfied or will I walk away feeling resentful?" 

I've spent too much time working for people who are not leaders, who have taken advantage of my good work and rewarded me with nothing less than a basket full of resentment. I have been an employer and did many things to let my employees know they were vital to my company. If they weren't vital, they didn't work for me. I treat myself the same way. I reward myself, acknowledge my hard work and most of all acknowledge the very fact I created something from nothing. 

When creating something from nothing the way forward is unclear. No one has yet paved the way. Yet, somehow, I continued. When I first started soap making "soap dough" was not a thing. It didn't exist. Granted, some might have been making soap dough in some way, but no one was putting it online, writing books about it or creating soaps like I have. I hope this doesn't sound like bragging, because I abhor self aggrandizement, but it is to say I keep this idea close and protect it like a sacred jewel. I keep this in my mind when companies approach me for the trade of, "work extremely hard and we PROMISE  you... " 

When someone brings an idea from the ethers (an idea made material that did not exist before) into this world it should be valued. It is no small task. That is why some countries are so chastised - they copy the originator's work and reproduce it. And to make money from their theft?! The hubris, the arrogance! This is such an injustice I almost cannot write about it. It certainly is a very large topic, one which I do not have answers for, but I keep moving forward. I keep an eagle eye open for the "feeders" (aka parasites) and protect my sacred jewel of creation, the ability to create. No one, not a government, not a person or company can take that ability to create away from those who can create.

This ability might not make me rich, (I do play the lotto so there is always hope) but it helps me have self-value. This ability shows me what I'm capable of... Bringing something that never before existed into the material plane, into our world - something to see and touch from an idea. For that, I am so truly grateful to the benevolent beings (Gods or otherwise) who gave me this gift, I take great care to continue to nurture it. It is a gift. I cannot claim to have created in myself. It seems I came here with it, but I can be aware of it and nurture this gift. There were many years my light was dimmed because I forgot or didn't see value in the ability to create. My soul suffered for it, too. 

If you are one of these beings - a creative being - I support you! I will aways support you! You are from my tribe, my clan. We belong to each other. I hope you can feel the intention through my words. I know what it feels like to feel without a tribe, without a clan. Creatives are soul-kin. 

When I see the world this way, sense when the exchange feels harmonious - be it an email exchange or economic trade - my way is clear. This is my way forward. May your way forward be YOUR way. Unclear is not always a sign that is not the way. 


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Aw geez Bee, sorry you had a rough time. These are just scammers, try not to let it get on your nerves, and don’t take it personally.

I am actually envious of your accomplishment, but i appreciate that it has saved me a lot of work figuring out soap dough for myself!

Neon Kaos

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