Feedback for Artists

Feedback for Artists

Feedback for Artists

One of the most valuable things you, as a patron, can give an artist isn’t just your money, but your thoughts how you experience the artist’s work.

For me, it's a fine line, a dance of taking in thoughtful feedback and not letting it sway my creativity, all the while staying open to input. Staying open to those who experience my art.

Some people are naturally gifted at creating. Some are naturally gifted at athletics, etc. I would never presume to tell an athlete how to “athlete” any more than I’d tell an artist how to uhm… create.

I enjoy feedback on what your experience was… Did it do the job, did it function correctly? Did you enjoy the colors, scent, design? Did it make you think of something you’ve not thought about in a long time?


With all this, I offer a reasonable trade for that valuable patronage. A true patron, in my opinion, values not just the object, but the process the artist goes through to create. Not everyone can create. Just like, not everyone can be an athlete.


And I understand even if you love something, its hard to feel motivated to comment. Comments have some form of magic – those comments inspire the writer to continue and inspires others to share their ideas, thoughts and feelings… that is a powerful thing, untouchable, yet moves others in a way that might not have happened. I call that magical.




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