Pre-Sale Soaps

Hi all!

Spent the day adding products, taking photos, writing descriptions and uploading photos… Yes, of NEW soap designs!

I’m offering theses soaps for Pre-Sale. Offering very limited designs, from now on.

No limits to my creativity, and I’m not duplicating much lately, but I might. For now, creativity is pouring out of me, so I’m moving with it.

I’m busy working on new designs for soaps, and won’t be showing soaps anything new until they are fully cured, from now on. (Yes, working on a new Horse Lovers Soap too.)

Thank you for all your support, encouragement and patronage. I’m working on more videos, packaging, writing AND making soaps. Visit the Pre-sales and the new video page.

I’m holding them for curing and then I’ll happily ship them. Cold process takes 4-6 weeks cure time, (living in “dry heat” can have an advantage). The soaps I’m offering for pre-sale will be shipped July 24, 2015.

Sale price is for PRE-ORDER only. 

Pre-order SALE expires 7/5/2015.

Pre-Sale Soaps:

Ship date: 7/24/2015.

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