Soap Friend

Soap Friend

Since I began making soap I’ve joined many soap groups. I have met many people on-line and off. This one benefit from apprenticing soap making I did not count on, so many amazing and lovely new people in my life.

One soap friend stands out as a master soaper and a great person. She’s shared information, patiently answered my questions and swapped soap with me. I knew I liked her, and when I touched her soaps, I really knew it.

Her name is Heather of Willa Rose. Heather’s soap is smooth to touch, fragrant and unique – each bar has an individual expression. Heather’s soaps produce great lather, are a lovely balance of cleansing and conditioning and smell delightful. rose soap by Willa Rose

Heather has a blog, runs a group on Facebook and makes a variety of soaps, body lotions and sundries. She also has helped me a great deal.

What I find helpful about Heather’s blog is it has factual information, generous in sharing recipes and addresses many topics that are difficult to understand or have been surrounded by myth.

If you’re interested in the facts about lye, or a recipe for Lovely Lotions Bars, or Great Reasons To Use Oils for Eczema, among many other topics, visit her site. Not to mention the countless recipes she shares.


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