Soap That Smells like Home

Soap That Smells like Home

I have a motto I live by, or is that a credo? Either way… I believe that one should avoid usurping another’s power unless that person is striving to have power of the one. Then, removing myself is a good idea.

With that said, this might help when I explain how and why I choose the scents I choose for Sorcery Soap.

As I showered today, I used someone else’s soap. Shocker, I know! I could not recognize the scent. It was a generic name and nothing came to mind, except someone else’s house. You know that smell when you are new to someone else’s house. It’s not a bad smell (generally) but just unfamiliar and not yours, or not a smell you recognize? That was the smell. It was someone else’s house scent in my shower and it wasn’t comfortable.

I asked myself immediately, “Do I push scents on people?” And started naming scents I make, Forest, Christmas Tree, Lemongrass, Leather, Flowers, Sandalwood, Blue Spruce… I like scents that are grounding and easy to understand. Universal scents. Then, you can make your own mind up about the connections.

Scent is one of the primitive senses we have. It strikes at the heart of a memory, or creates a memory, and we ground into scents. If I say, “sugar cookie” you’ll have a memory. Good, bad, no matter… Its your memory. I can’t control this aspect, but I can offer scents that have a better chance of creating a lovely memory then say, vomit.

Scents also anchor memories. If you want to remember a time at the fair for example, drum up the smell of cotton candy and fry bread. There you go! The whole place becomes alive for a split second.

I want my soaps, that become your soaps, to smell like your home. I want you to expect your shower to smell like YOUR lemongrass. When your guests drop over and use a soap in your guest bath, to smell their hands and remember being at your home.

My soap designs are so outside the box, I think its a good idea to anchor my soaps in some familiar scent. So this is a good guide post for me in the future for purchasing new fragrance oils.

I have some Halloween scents coming up in soaps that are so far outside the box, even for me, I’ll be interested in how others view them.


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