Soaping Insights

Soaping Insights

What I learned from this pie soap and other soaping adventures.

I’m in love with soaping, so this makes me want to learn. I watch, experiment and chart what I learn. I have made one recipe over and over, with only design variation. Here are some of the things I’ve learned.

1.) I always prepare before I begin soaping. I set out everything I could or might need. I visualize what I want to my soap to look like and what steps are in place. I ask questions like, “what temperature do I want my oils and lye to be when I mix them?”

2.) If I over pour my mark with one oil I account for that gram with another oil, so I reach my total desired oil measurement.

3.) I mentally walk myself through the entire recipe before I begin. I sit for many moments before I begin. Often times I’ve had the idea in my head for days, letting the idea roll around before I even think seriously about making the recipe.

4.) I research all my questions about the reactions of the oils before I begin. If I run across a question I have during soaping, I stop what I’m doing to research it.

5.) And only if I love the idea do I forge ahead.


whole pie soap

pie soap






The image on the left, the entire pie, has plastic wrap strips underneath to help loosen the soap from the ridge glass pie plate. The plastic wrap was unnecessary as I used a pie spatula to loosen the soap, after I let it chill for an hour. I unmolded after 16 hours of curing.


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